Escanaba RoboMos

Team 3602


About Us:

Our team is an Upper Peninsula-based FRC team out of Escanaba, Michigan. Led by the wonderful Marie Young and Bob Retlich. With two District wins, three State competition appearances, and a Worlds appearance on our fourth year, 3602 entered the ring swinging!


Escanaba is the crossroads of US-2 and US-41, right up in the Upper Peninsula. It's also known as the U.P. We're the rabbit to your glove. Show a non-Michigander "The Map" with your hands sometime, and please don't forget about us. We really, really aren't Wisconsin or Canada, we promise.


Also, yes, we do have electricity and that wacky new thing called the telephone! Need directions? Just click on yonder map, and it shall lead you up north. One does not simply drive into the U.P.


(Only because there's a bridge.)

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